About Us

Cripple Creek Retrievers strives to achieve our client’s goals, whether that is a hunting companion or a Master National Qualifier.  Our staff enjoys assisting clients from puppy selection to teaching clients how to handle their newly trained retriever.  We take pride in providing the same care to client’s dogs as we would our own; a happy, healthy dog that loves to learn during the training process and bonds with our trainers and the dog owner to achieve their goals.

JC Strange-Owner and Head Trainer
JC has 18 years of experience training and handling retrievers, with 12 of those being as a professional trainer.  JC has excelled at every venue offered to retrievers.  JC’s main focus at Cripple Creek Retrievers is Advanced Training and competition dogs while also overseeing all aspects of training from obedience to finished field work.

Abi Strange-Owner and Head Administrator
Abi is responsible for business side of the operation.  She handles the billing and scheduling for Cripple Creek Retrievers.  Abi is also in charge of the Whelping Service where she handles puppy whelping and finding the perfect home for each puppy.

Cripple Creek Retrievers Proudly Uses and Endorses the Following Products: